Month: May 2021

La solution la plus avancée en matière de décontamination

The sun’s rays make the Covid fall.

An Italian study about to be published shows how ultraviolet rays ‘kill’ Covid-19: ‘A minimal dose of these rays, in a very short period of time, is able to completely inactivate Sars-Cov-2’. There are many reasons why we should be optimistic and positive today, but not Covid positivity, on the contrary: several studies, including an…
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AMR Distribution : The answers to your questions about decontamination by UVC system

AMR is a company specialising in UVC decontamination.00:52What is UVC decontamination? 01:24 We have all heard of UVA and UVC. But what is the difference between the two? 02:22Has the effectiveness of UVC been medically recognised? 03:36A study has shown that the right dosage can destroy COVID. Uniquement le COVID, ou d’autres germes aussi ?…
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