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La solution la plus avancée en matière de décontamination

Ladybug 200 UVC ® – Decontamiantion UV Robot

Our Ladybug 200 UVC robot, used in regular and controlled cleaning cycles, aims to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria and other types of harmful micro-organisms in the environment by acting directly on their DNA structure.The robot is safe, reliable and eliminates human error. In addition to being user-friendly and designed…
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Ladybug 100 UVC ® – Decontamination UV Robot

Decontamination/Disinfection UV Robot: Our Ladybug 100 UVC ® robot is an autonomous germicidal decontamination unit based on UVC radiation technology for air and surface disinfection. This process, specially designed for daily treatment of large surfaces, allows the eradication of viruses and germs, thus preventing their spread. The use of Ladybug is simple and implements a…
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以下是ResearchGate.net发布的关于冠状病毒对紫外线辐射的敏感性的信息。 上表1总结了在紫外线照射下对冠状病毒的研究结果,每种情况下都注明了具体种类。 D90值表示90%灭活的紫外线剂量。 虽然D90值的变化范围很大,但这是实验室研究紫外线灵敏度的典型。 冠状病毒的D90值范围为7~2410 J/m2,平均为308 J/m2,应能充分代表SARS-CoV-2(COVID-19)的紫外线敏感性。 通过使用这些曝光数据,并比较我们的灯管和紫外线消毒系统的紫外线辐射的辐照度测量值,我们可以很容易地根据指定的距离计算出实现特定对数减少所需的曝光时间。