La solution la plus avancée en matière de décontamination par UVC


The Ladybug decontamination robot uses ultraviolet light (UVC) to eliminate microorganisms.


Human presence control at all times for total security.
UVC intensity control to ensure optimum decontamination at all times.


The autonomy of the Ladybug UVC decontamination robot is the highest on the market!

Some numbers…

Its effectiveness is no longer to be proven!


Decontamination time

Bactéries & Virus éliminés

The Ladybug, a design and manufacture
« Made in Europe »

Our Ladybug robot is an autonomous germicidal decontamination unit based on UVC radiation technology for air and surface disinfection.
This process, specially designed for daily treatment of large surfaces, allows the eradication of viruses and germs, thus preventing their spread. The use of Ladybug is simple and implements a process that does not use any chemicals, therefore does not induce any toxicity and does not generate any residual product and deposit. This robot only uses ultraviolet light.

Equipped with an autonomous displacement unit

This decontamination system is capable of carrying out missions in total autonomy and requires no human intervention for its commissioning.

Simplified implementation

Thanks to an intuitive handling system. Remote assistance is available via our hotline, which ensures that you can get total peace of mind.
availability of your decontamination unit regardless of your
skills and technical services at your disposal.

Increased security

Monitoring the human presence acting on a filling
Automation prevents untimely lamp shutdowns (longer lamp life) and protects humans from the negative effects of UVC irradiation. Also ensures an immediate restart of the decontamination without any loss of irradiance power.

Ladybug for what use?

This robot can be used in all public places such as hospitals, shopping malls, Ehpad, airports, hotels, food and pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, universities, offices, etc…

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What we offer you

A decontamination solution  for every need!

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