Ladybug 100 UVC ® – Decontamination UV Robot

La solution la plus avancée en matière de décontamination

Ladybug 100 UVC ® – Decontamination UV Robot

Ladybug 100 UVC UV decontamination robot

Decontamination/Disinfection UV Robot: Our Ladybug 100 UVC ® robot is an autonomous germicidal decontamination unit based on UVC radiation technology for air and surface disinfection. This process, specially designed for daily treatment of large surfaces, allows the eradication of viruses and germs, thus preventing their spread. The use of Ladybug is simple and implements a process that does not use any chemicals, therefore does not induce any toxicity and does not generate any residual product and deposit. This robot only uses ultraviolet light.

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